If you’re reading this it’s because you want to know more about us right? Well here goes!

We are a Midlands based car care company that produce and manufacture all of our own products in house. There are hundreds of companies already out there and that leads us to question what would bring you to us? Well here are just a few of our reasons:

  • Our team take great pride in their modified cars and understand the need for top quality car care products.
  • Our process is a personal one; from filing to filling and packaging to processing your product is cared for by hand during it’s entire journey.
  • Our priority is delivering outstanding customer service and making sure our products are out of this world, without the astronomical price tag.

Many UK detailing companies rely heavily on pre-prepared products sourced from one of the few UK manufacturers to then claim as their own. Here at Constellation Chemicals Ltd we take great pride in actually spending our time developing formulations to bring you, our customers, the best products on the market.

Our owner, Frank, is fully qualified with a chemistry degree from one of the top UK universities; and after working in the industry it was his passion for both cars and chemistry that lead to him wanting to try his hand at developing, manufacturing and supplying top quality products himself.

If you don’t believe us check out our products for yourself!