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Meteorite is our vehicle leather conditioner, specially formulated to keep your vehicles leather soft, subtle and fed.

Leather, just like skin drys and cracks with age. This is because it has thousands of tiny pores which constantly release and absorb moisture. In a vehicle under glass and almost constant sunlight it becomes dry and brittle. As the moisture leaves the leather, it loses the oils and fats within which keep it soft and subtle.

Our vehicle leather conditioner is a unique blend of natural and synthetic waxes designed to restore these natural oils and fats and rejuvenate leather. The specialist emollient technology ‘feeds’ the leather whilst creating a protective barrier.

Whilst already damaged leather cannot simply be repaired with leather conditioner, but it can restore old and faded leather and bring it back to life!

How to use:

  1. Clean leather with Meteor
  2. Pump Meteorite sparingly onto a clean leather surface.
  3. Work Meteorite into the leather using a clean microfibre.
  4. Using a clean microfibre; buff any residue.
  5. Protect the leather with Comet.

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2 reviews for Meteorite – Vehicle Leather Conditioner

  1. Mohammed Khan (verified owner)

    Bought a sample on my last order and it brought up my leather wallet really nice. Decided to grab a full bottle and the owner emailed us to say they’d refunded me £2.50 for previously buying the sample. Can’t complain at that! Even got Halal sweets with the order, not many companies cater for Muslims so was a pleasant surprise. A+++

  2. Tomasz (verified owner)

    Very smooth, my leather was dry and old now is very soft 5*

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