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Don’t you just hate when you try to pour your snowfoam into that tiny hole on other lances and you end up with it all over you and not in the bottle? Well our new wide neck Snowfoam Lances mean you can pour in what you need without spills, with easy 100ML increment markings on the bottle it’s never been easier to use our snowfoam. The same design as others on the market but at a price that doesn’t break the bank!


  1. Pressure range: 1400 psi ~ 3200 psi, both home-use and professional pressure washers work perfectly.
  2. Foaming performance: Plentiful, thick and high-dense foam, heavy duty and durable design
  3. Material: solid brass and metal body, stainless steel nozzle, nylon cover, and HDPE bottle.
  4. Capacity of bottle: 1 L
  5. Adjustable consumption of snowfoam, variable angle spraying pattern from pencil to 60° fan,
  6. Chemical resistant.


  1. Brass body foam nozzle.
  2. 1 Litre bottle, marked with volume calibration line.
  3. Suction tube.
  4. Chosen adaptor.

Important Notice:


Please select suitable adapter for your pressure washer. Please check adaptor size and make sure it fits your machine . We don’t take any responsibility for the incompatibility of adaptor. If you are not clear, please contact us, and send us the photo of your gun and lance, we will help to choose the suitable adaptor.

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